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Alberta Conservation Association

Stream Crossing Inventories in the Swan and Notikewin River Basins of Northwest Alberta: Resolution at the Watershed Scale - John Tchir, Paul Hvengaard, J. Scrimgeour, Alberta Conservation Association (2004)


Government of Alberta 

Alberta Water Course Crossing Program 
The goal of the Watercourse Crossing Program (WCP) is to address threats to fish survival stemming from poorly constructed and maintained watercourse crossings that cause habitat fragmentation, erosion and sedimentation

Code of Practice for Water Course Crossings in AB

Fish Sustainability Index Alberta
This is the general page for information on the Alberta Fish Sustainability Index. This explains what the FSI is and how it works (metrics that go into measuring the indices). Essentially an overview of how to use or read the tool. 

Arctic Grayling FSI
The FSI shows information on: Historic Adult Density, Current Adult Density, Habitat Protection Need, Overharvest Protection need. Each of these metrics are displayed in a map format and are colored according to the FSI status. 

Status of Arctic Grayling in Alberta (2015)