Watershed Resources

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council works to improve and maintain a healthy watershed through education, planning and implementation of shared initiatives in support of communities and ecosystems throughout the region.

We want our neighbours, the people who live, work, and play in our watershed to understand their role in watershed management, resiliency and more. Our website and office are treasure troves of resources for those who want to learn more! Whether you care about lake health, cattle health, shoreline protection, or almost any topic related to land and water usage in the region we have something to help. Many of the links on this page were created by other organizations, if you find a link that no longer works please email [email protected]

Resources created by LSWC staff. Click titles to download PDF copies.

LSWC Video Presentations

In addition to these video presentations, we also have a YouTube channel we add all our presentations and videos to!

Partnership & Engagement Strategies in Northern Alberta
Meghan Payne, LSWC Executive Director
2014 WPAC Summit in Edmonton
Water Management and the Lesser Slave River
Meghan Payne, LSWC Executive Director
2013 CWRA Conference, Red Deer, AB
LSWC Highlights
Sherrie Hay, LSWC Director
2012 WPAC Summit, Milk River, AB

Cows & Fish - Riparian areas, wetlands and beavers

Cows & Fish (The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society) information sheets about Riparian and Shoreline Health. Hard copies of these resources can be picked up from our office in High Prairie

Fact Sheets: Management resources:

Check out the stories from producers who have worked with them over the years HERE

For Municipalities

Invasive Species

Our ever-more connected world brings with it many great wonders, but also brings risks to Alberta's wildlife, plants, and waterways. 

Alberta Invasive Species Council

Government of Alberta- Invasive Species

Lake Health & Management

Respect our Lakes

The Respect Our Lakes (ROL) program was developed within the Government of Alberta and aims to support and engage Albertans in lake stewardship. The program provides the tools and resources to help lake users understand, value, and actively manage lakes through the application of relevant legislation and science.
The Shore Primer - Guide to naturalized shoreline property

Guide to Lakefront Living

Parkland County developed video resources for recreation, living and developing around lakes. Although developed by Parkland County the information applies to all lakes in Alberta. 

Introduction to the Guide to Lakefront Living 
Episode 1 - Shorelines
Episode 2 - The Buffer Zone
Episode 3 - Construction Projects
Episode 4 - Septic Systems
Episode 5 - Shoreline Landscaping
Episode 6 - Erosion
Episode 7 - Shoreline Access
Episode 8 - Who's Shoreline is it anyways? 


Shoreline Sensitive Habitat Mapping Project Information 

Regulatory Information & Resources

Off Highway Vehicles and Watersheds

ATV's, Fish Habitat & You - DFO info sheet

Know B4 you Go - ATV's and Water don't mix - Video 

Resources for Environmental Educators

Alberta Council for Environmental Education 

Lesser Slave Forest Education Society 

Educational resources Alberta

Water Challenges in the Boreal

Partner Videos

Lesser Slave Lake Fisheries Update (Oct 2021) - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q7jUiXo3pis&t=3092s

Upper Athabasca Surface Water Quality Management Framework (2021) - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2WXpfiaFogk&t=104s 

Competitive Fishing Events in Alberta (Nov 2021) - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E5uvC_NoakQ 

Robert Holmberg, Ph.D., at the University of Athabasca

Government Watershed Studies

Sediment Sources and Movement in Lesser Slave Lake, 2004

Lesser Slave Lake Sedimentation Study, AMEC, 2005

Lesser Slave Lake Water Level Needs Scoping Study, AMEC, 2006

Lesser Slave River Instream flows needs scoping study, Golder, 2004

Water Quality of lesser Slave Lake and its Tributaries 1991-93, 1998

Lesser Slave Lake Water Quality Survey 2000-02, 2006

South Heart River Walleye Report, 2004 

Status of Walleye and Northern Pike Fisheries at Lesser Slave Lake, 2005 

Low Flow Conditions in the Lesser Slave River, 1999-2000

Lesser Slave River low flow frequency analysis, 2000



Northern River Basins Study, 1996

Lesser Slave Lake Regulation status report, 1993

History of the South Heart System, date unknown

Hydrogeology of the Lesser Slave Lake area, 1978

Frost Hills Integrated Resource Plan, 1985