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We are Hiring! 

The LSWC is seeking a qualified individual to join our team as the full time Watershed Science and Stewardship Coordinator. 

Download the position description  HERE 

Questions about the role? Please email our Executive Director Meghan Payne at [email protected]  


Watershed Resiliency Projects and FUNDING 

The LSWC has funding to partner with landowners to improve our watershed health! We help fund eligible projects that improve our watershed's function and resiliency to floods and droughts over time.  If you're seeing an issue on your land, please reach out! We may be able to help support a project to benefit the environment and your bottom line! 

Some examples of eligible projects include: 
- Off stream Watering Systems
- Stream Crossings
- Riparian  and wetland Fencing 
- Onsite Water Retention Efforts
- Riparian Enhancements
- Wetland Enhancements (creation, enhancement, restoration)
- Creation/Increase of Absorptive Capacities

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Meghan Payne at the LSWC office at 780-523-9800!     We are here to help! 

Eyes on Lesser Slave Lake is LIVE! 

Our exciting new project called ”Eyes on Slave Lake” is LIVE.
We have 2 live streaming cameras that provide 24/7 views of Lesser Slave Lake. View lake conditions in real time from anywhere in the world!
The project was developed to showcase Lesser Slave Lake to viewers around the globe, and to  help recreational lake users make informed decisions about lake use before they make their way out to the lake!
Special Shout out to the Sunstone Inn Bed & Breakfast, deSIGNS by Tam Ltd and RMS Electrical for their support in making this possible!

Contact Executive Director, Meghan Payne, at [email protected] or by phone at (780)523-9800 to purchase advertising on the live feeds.

The live feeds are LIVE on the LSWC’s YouTube Page! Check them out!

Watch our Joussard LIVE Camera now!

Watch our Widewater LIVE Camera now!
*please be patient as we troubleshoot our  widewater camera feed


2022 Summary of Alberta WPAC Achievements 

In 2022-23, Alberta WPACs:

  • More than doubled the $3.5 million invested by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, with an additional $2.8 million of non-Government of Alberta financial investments, as well as in-kind support from over 2,489 volunteers, valued at $2.8 million.
  • Employed 53 people, contributing to, and diversifying Alberta’s economy primarily in rural areas.
  • Were supported by 6,730 organizational and individual members from over 20 sectors.
  • Restored 291 hectares and planted 16,350 native plants.
  • Engaged with 17,585 people in-person and 46,252 followers on social media.
  • Completed 19 riparian and 22 aquatic health assessments, and sampled 79 sites for water quality.

Click HERE to download the 2022/23 Summary Brochure

Check out the LSWC's 2023/24 Annual Report