Our Watershed. Our future. Ours to protect.

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Who is the Lesser Slave Watershed Council?

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council (LSWC) is a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of long term economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Lesser Slave watershed for all its citizens. We are led by an elected board of directors of people representing various industries, First Nations, and Metis communities within our watershed.

What does the LSWC do?

  • State of the Watershed reporting, water quality monitoring and other watershed assessment projects.
  • Provide watershed management recommendations to decision makers, including the Government of Alberta, municipalities, industry and other stakeholders.
  • Offer education and outreach programs for students and people of all ages. 
  • Work with the Government of Alberta to deliver Water for Life goals.


News and Upcoming Events

LSWC Annual General Meeting - October 2, 2020 in High Prairie, AB

Registration:  FREE, but you need to register to attend so we can have COVID measures appropriately in place. Register by clicking HERE

Agenda to include: 

  • Year in review presentation
  • Financial Review engagement
  • By Law amendments (view proposed amendments here)
  • Board of Director Elections

Interested in joining our board?

Our Directors are volunteers who are passionate about our watershed; they are committed to the success of the organization, and they bring their diverse experiences and knowledge to our table. Any current LSWC member may be nominated for a Director position if they can fulfill the roles and responsibilities outlines in the LSWC's Board Governance Policies (2020) Here are the policies that outline the roles, responsibilities and duties of our Directors. 

Board of Directors positions will be open for nominations at the Annual General Meeting,  after the Bylaw amendments are approved.The following Positions are: 

  • Oil and Gas Sector alternate (1 yr)
  • Forest Sector (2 yr)
  • Forest Sector Alternate (2 yr)
  • Cottage Owners & Country Residential (2 yr)
  • Cottage Owners & Country Residential alternate (2 yr)
  • Non Government Organizations (2 yr)
  • Non Government Organizations alternate (2 yr)
  • *Tourism and Economic Development (2 yr)
  • *Tourism and Economic Development alternate (2 yr)
  • Agriculture (2 yr)
  • Agriculture alternate (2 yr)
  • *Sport Fishing and Recreation (2 yr)
  • *Sport Fishing and Recreation alternate (2 yr)

*Board Seat names are pending By Law amendments made at the AGM. 
Download a Board of Director Nomination form HERE

Proposed By Law amendments can be downloaded HERE
Current LSWC By Laws (2016) can be found HERE
LSWC Board Governance Policies can be found HERE


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