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Examples of the kinds of projects ALUS supports:

  • Alternative watering systems
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Riparian Fencing
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Supporting pollinators
  • Regenerative agriculture and revegetation
  • Riparian enhancement
  • Restoring native species and supporting species at risk
  • Enhancing wetlands
  • Supporting wildlife management

ALUS in Big Lakes County

Originally the Alternative Land Use Services Program, the ALUS program is a community-based initiative for landowners to support natural solutions and promote environmental stewardship. ALUS provides landowners with opportunities to consider conservation as a means of land management. The program is producer driven, running on the schedule of the producer, based on their interests, and works to provide solutions on a project-by-project basis. It is by no means a one-size-fits-all model!

ALUS coordinators are partners working hand in hand with landowners to make real change across Alberta, and Canada! ALUS is currently in 31 communities across Canada and has invested over $12 million in projects across Canada! With over 1,103 producer partners and 32,134 acres enrolled with ALUS since 2021, ALUS is thriving on support from its communities and partners.

Education Programs from the LSWC!

The LSWC offers FREE education programs to schools and community groups in the Lesser Slave Watershed. 
From What is a Watershed, Watershed Wise, Wetlands, Erosion and Weathering and more!

Check out our education page for more information! 

Our programs are 100% free to book and customizable to your group! Topics are curriculum linked and include activities to engage students of all ages! Not a teacher? We do presentations to youth groups, workshops for concerned citizens and work with the residents of the Watershed to share information and resources to help protect our waters through good stewardship practices! 

To learn more or to book a presentation, get in touch with our Watershed Coordinator at [email protected] or by calling (780) 523-9800!

Eyes on Slave Lake is LIVE! 

Our exciting new project called ”Eyes on Slave Lake” is LIVE.
We have 2 live streaming cameras that provide 24/7 views of Lesser Slave Lake. View lake conditions in real time from anywhere in the world!
The project was developed to showcase Lesser Slave Lake to viewers around the globe, and to  help recreational lake users make informed decisions about lake use before they make their way out to the lake!
Special Shout out to Sunstone Inn Bed & BreakfastdeSIGNS by Tam Ltd and RMS Electrical for their support in making this possible!

Contact Executive Director, Meghan Payne, at [email protected] or by phone at (780)523-9800 to purchase advertising on the live feeds.
The live feeds are LIVE on the LSWC’s YouTube Page! Check them out!
Watch our Joussard LIVE Camera now!


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