Our Watershed. Our future. Ours to protect.

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Lesser Slave Watershed Council Vision

A healthy resilient watershed that is valued and stewarded by engaged citizens and communities.

Mission Statement 

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council works to improve and maintain a healthy watershed through education, planning and implementation of shared initiatives in support of communities and ecosystems throughout the region.

What does the LSWC do?

  • Monitoring and reporting on the health of the Lesser Slave Watershed
  • Collaborate with governments and stakeholders on watershed management planning and implementation. 
  • Offer education and outreach programs that raise water literacy and stewardship ethic of people of all ages
  • Promote and support on the ground projects that improve watershed resiliency


News and Upcoming Events

LSWC Bursary Fundraiser 2021!

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council is selling rain barrels made from repurposed drums from Bim's Carwash in High Prairie!

Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water to help the environment! Rain water can be used to water your garden or lawn, and helps to filter rain water, keeping it clean and out of our storm drains! Did you know that the rain water and run off that enters our storm drains is not treated before it is sent back into out natural waterways? Help mitigate the effects of storm water run off by reusing your rain water with a rain barrel! 

Each rain barrel is $60, and all proceeds will go towards funding our bursary! The LSWC accepts cash or cheques (payable to the Lesser Slave Watershed Council). We ask that you pick up your orders from our office, located at 4833 52nd Ave. High Prairie, AB., by appointment ONLY. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our rain barrels, please contact us to place your order: 

email: [email protected]

phone: (780) 523-9800

Direct Message us on Facebook

NEW! LSWC's Elliott & Rosche Memorial Bursary for 2021

Great news! The LSWC is proud to announce a new bursary honoring two of our late founding board members! The bursary is available to anyone living in the Lesser Slave Watershed and registered to attend a post-secondary program at a recognized institution. The application deadline for this opportunity is June 1st, 2021; any applications received after June 1st will be saved for consideration in the following year. The bursary will be awarded to a post-secondary student pursuing environmental sciences, biology, earth sciences, or a water focused program. For more information about the bursary and to apply, click here.

The bursary is funded by donations. Want to donate to help shape the future of young minds? Donate here, or contact the LSWC office for alternative ways to donate. All donations $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. 

Seeking Interested Landowners for Projects! 

The LSWC is looking for landowners within the Lesser Slave Watershed to help make a difference and improve the overall quality and function of our watershed!

Do you experience high volumes of flowing water during the spring on your land? Does a dugout, wetland or waterbody on your property experience high sedimentation from spring melt and run-off? Do you have livestock accessing a body of water directly? Is your land in need of restoration from flooding, damage or degradation from previous years? Does a section of your land, your yard, or adjacent ditches flood or hold unwanted stagnant water for long periods of time? Does your land lose water quickly, remaining dry or drought like? Do you have a grazing lease or know of an issue like this on crown land that deserves attention? 

We are here to help! Get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate to help fund, plan and implement projects and improvements! We want to help the natural systems in the watershed to better serve all of those that rely on a healthy watershed! We are here to offer advice, and help if needed! The final decisions are the landowners' to make! Give us a try! 

Contribute to the LSWC Through Citizen Science! 

Want to become a citizen scientist for the LSWC? Check out the ABMI NatureLynx app!

Do you go for nature walks? Bird watch? Take pictures of different plant or animal species? Do you get excited about biodiversity?
Check out the Lesser Slave Watershed group, see what species have already been found within the Lesser Slave Watershed, and add your own sightings! 

Add to our Missions: 

  • Counting Biodiversity in the Lesser Slave Watershed
  • Finding the Cool and Unusual in the Lesser Slave Watershed
  • Invasive Species in the Lesser Slave Watershed

All data from the ABMI NatureLynx app is open sourced, and can help more than just the LSWC to determine biodiversity, species occurrence, and so much more! Consider taking the time to make a difference in science and data collection today!

Do You Take Awesome Photos in Our Watershed? 

Are you an amateur photographer? Do you have calendar worthy photos from within the Lesser Slave Watershed? We want to see them! Send photo entries to [email protected] to enter them in our 2022 calendar photo contest! We are collecting photos year round! 

Please include a message stating that you would like to enter the photo for the 2022 calendar, and let us know who took the photo, so we can give credit to the photographer! Please note that all entries submitted may be used in future promotional materials in the future. 

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