Our Watershed. Our future. Ours to protect.

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Lesser Slave Watershed Council Vision

A healthy resilient watershed that is valued and stewarded by engaged citizens and communities.

Mission Statement 

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council works to improve and maintain a healthy watershed through education, planning and implementation of shared initiatives in support of communities and ecosystems throughout the region.

What does the LSWC do?

  • Monitoring and reporting on the health of the Lesser Slave Watershed
  • Collaborate with governments and stakeholders on watershed management planning and implementation. 
  • Offer education and outreach programs that raise water literacy and stewardship ethic of people of all ages
  • Promote and support on the ground projects that improve watershed resiliency


News and Upcoming Events

Youth Poster Contest!

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council, in partnership with the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society and the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation, is excited to be putting on a Youth Poster Contest to celebrate Canada Water Week!! We are accepting posters from students from grades 4-12 at the Lesser Slave Watershed Council until Monday, March 22nd, 2021. 

You can see the full contest information here. Questions? Contact [email protected] for more info! 

Facebook Trivia Contest! 

The LSWC is hosting a Trivia Contest to celebrate Canada Water Week (March 15-21)! This contest is open to any adults living within the Lesser Slave Watershed! 

Questions? Contact [email protected] for more info! 

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