Board of Directors

 LSWC Board of Directors

Todd Bailey

Vice Chairperson
Tammy Kaleta

Nicole St. Jean 

George Keay

Executive Director
Meghan Payne, BSc.

Watershed Coordinator
Kate Lovsin, BSc. 


Town of High Prairie
Brian Gilroy (Michael Long)

Town of Slave Lake
Rebecca King (Joy McGregor)

Big Lakes County
Richard Simard (Fern Welch)

MD of Lesser Slave River
Darcie Acton (Brad Pearson)

Driftpile First Nation

Sucker Creek First Nation

Kapawe’no First Nation

Swan River First Nation
Todd Bailey

Sawridge First Nation

Peavine Métis Settlement
Lynn Smith 

East Prairie Métis Settlement

Alberta Environment and Parks
Jamie Bruha (Arin McFarlayne-Dyer) 

Non-Government Organizations
Cori Klassen

Angling and Recreation
Tammy Kaleta 

Tourism and Economic Development
Shane Knutson (George Keay)

Cottage Owners & Country Residential
Nona Elliott (Jeanette Willier)

Susan Nielsen (Duane Nichols) 

Oil/Gas Industry
Grant Utas

Forestry and Related Industry
Nicole St. Jean (Allison Moeller)

Member at Large
Keith Denoncourt



If you are interested in becoming a Board Member on the LSWC, you need to be an active LSWC General Member, and be familiar with the following bylaws and governance policies. Board seats are elected by the general membership at an annual general meeting. Vacant board seats may be filled by the board on an interim basis until the next AGM.

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