Planning Resources

Federal Legislation

Migratory Birds Convention Act

Species at Risk Act

Fisheries Act 

Navigable Waters Act

Environment and Climate Change Canada Website


Provincial Legislation and Regulation

Alberta Water Act

Alberta Public Lands Act

Alberta's Wetland Policy

Alberta Fisheries Act

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Alberta Land Stewardship Act 

Contaminated Sites Policy Framework

Alberta Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines

Water Quality-based Effluent Limits (Procedures Manual)



Modernized Municipal Government Act

Alberta Agricultural Services Board Act

Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation

Alberta Weed Control Act 

Alberta Soil Conservation Act 

Code of Practice for Wastewater Systems Using a Wastewater Lagoon

Standards and Guidelines for Municipal Water Systems


First Nations and Metis

Treaty 8

First Nations Land Management Act 


Forest Industry

Alberta Forests Act

Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations

Lesser Slave Regional Forest Management Plan

Slave Lake regional timber harvest planning and operating ground rules


Oil and Gas Sector

Integrated standards and guidelines : enhanced approval process (EAP)

Responsible Energy Development Act 

Oil and Gas Conservation Act 

Oil and Gas conservation Rules

Pipeline Act 

• Pipeline Rules

Alberta Energy Regulator -regulatory guide


Codes of Practice under the Water Act or Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act



Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA)

Pesticide Regulation (under EPEA)

Fertilizer Canada - Codes of Practice



Best Management Practices for Aggregate Mining

Code of Practice for Pits (AEPA)

Waste Control Regulation (under AEPA)

Code of Practice for Land Treatment of Soil Containing Hydrocarbons (under APEA)

Code of Practice for Landfills