Partners & Supporters

The LSWC would like to recognize all of the organizations and partners we work with to help achieve our goals. 


Alberta Government


The Department of Environment and Parks provides financial support to the LSWC each year. We have received operational support to carry our our strategic goals since 2007. The time and effort that many GOA staff have contributed to the LSWC over the years is significant. We greatly appreciate these resources and they have added much value to the LSWC’s projects.



Forest Sector


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Oil and Gas Operators



Indigenous Communities



Financial Institutions





Government of Canada

Government of Alberta 



Project Partners and collaborators

Lesser Slave Forest Education Society and the LSWC have been working together since 2008 to provide high quality hands on environmental education to youth in our watershed. Programs include freshwater life cycles, wetlands, water quality, snow studies, and more! 




The Peace Country Beef & Forage Association is a producer group with the goal of improving the profitability and sustainability of the forage/beef industry in the Peace Region through the transfer of leading edge forage and beef technology through innovative extension activities, demonstrations, and applied research projects.



The Boreal Center for Bird Conservation (BCBC) is the only educational and research facility in the world strategically located to study boreal birds on their breeding grounds.

The BCBC offers 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits, interpretive programming, a gift shop and office space. It also provides research space and computer work stations for staff, volunteers, and visiting researchers and educators.

A research laboratory and accommodation at The Nest are available for researcher use. The BCBC building captures rain water on the roof for use as non potable water in the facility. They also feature composting toilets and other environmentally friendly features throughout the center.






 The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, commonly known as Cows and Fish