Integrated Watershed Management Plan

What is an IWMP?

An Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) is a guiding document for use by landowners, governments, planners, and all other stakeholders in a watershed. Its purpose is to identify overall goals for improving or maintaining watershed health, as well as to provide recommendations on how to reach those goals. These watershed plans are not legally binding documents, but they are invaluable tools for decision makers. A well-crafted watershed plan will integrate environmental, economic, and social concerns.

The watershed plan addresses five themes and puts forward recommendations that balance the environmental, social and economic values of the watershed. 

  • Water Quality
  • Water Quantity
  • Wetlands
  • Riparian areas
  • Biodiversity

What is the plan's status? 

Download a copy of the IWMP Summary document HERE


The LSWC is working with Palliser Environmental Services Ltd. to complete the IWMP. Alan Dolan & Associates has been providing community engagement and communications support. 

Indigenous communities are being encouraged to meet with the Watershed Council so they can better understand the purpose and contents of the plan. 

See the Past Planning Work page for details on previous planning work and community engagement associated with the IWMP.