The Swan River Watershed is a beautiful nd unique part of the Lesser Slave Watershed. It has been the traditional territory of Swan River First Nation for hundreds of year and provides habitat for many species and plants and animals including the Grizzly Bear and Arctic Grayling, species at risk in Alberta due to habitat loss or degradation. 

The LSWC is interested in supporting ongoing stewardship effort in the Swan River watershed, as recommended in the Lesser Slave Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Many people have an interest in the Swan River watershed, including communities, governments, industry, non-government agencies. The Swan River Watershed Initiative is an informal collaboration of industry, governments, Swan River First Nation, NGO's and the LSWC.  The LSWC recognizes a need for focused communication and collaboration between the many stakeholders involved. 


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State of the Swan River Watershed

Find resources and information on the health of the Swan River watershed. 

Arctic Grayling

This sensitive species is an indicator of overall watershed health, and in decline. Learn more about Arctic Grayling in the Swan River basin. 

Swan River Watershed Initiative collaborators

There are many stakeholders involved in land and watershed management. Learn more about the SWRI collaborators and partners. 

October 2020 Fall Forum

In October 2020 the LSWC hosted and facilitated a 3 part online forum that brought stakeholders together to share and learn about projects and initiatives already in progress. The Swan River Watershed Initiative, born form this workshop series, aims to support collaboration and partnership. 

Information and Resources 

Find resources on stream crossings, habitat stewardship, forest management, Provincial Legislation and more.