Partners in resiliency

Project Partnerships

The LSWC works with many groups and organizations to provide resources and expertise that are required for successful projects.    

Big Lakes County  Big Lakes County delivers the Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Program. The LSWC is a part of the ALUS Project Advisory Committee and partners on ALUS projects that meet watershed outcomes. 

MD of Lesser Slave River 

PCBFA work extensively with landowners and cattle producers in the area. Their staff are knowledgeable about beef and forage production, pasture management and can help with those aspects of a project. 

Cows and Fish are the riparian experts. They will visit each project site prior to any work being done to complete a riparian health assessment. A pre-project assessment lets us know our starting point from which we will measure our successes. Landowners and partners receive the assessment, they are not made public. 


The Alberta Riparian Web Portal 

is a new, collaborative effort between WPAC's to share riparian area shoreline assessment data. As each watershed group is able to complete riparian assessments of health, intactness, and pressures surrounding the conservation, preservation and restoration of the area itself, we use this resource to compile and share data with each other, and the public. See where our assessment and other assessments have been done here. 

Financial Support

The LSWC is grateful for the support that enables our watershed resiliency work: 

Government of Alberta Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program 

Big Lakes County

Environment and Climate Change Canada - Environmental Damages Fund