All Eyes on Lesser Slave Lake

Hey! Did you know that the Lesser Slave Watershed Council has 2 live cameras pointing at Lesser Slave Lake? The cameras were set up to show the public a live view of Lesser Slave Lake at any time to help keep people informed of live lake conditions and to be used as a safety tool! We set this project up in 2022 because we were finding that folks in the area needed this vital safety information and that everyone doesn't know somebody living on the lakeshore to call and ask what the weather and lake conditions are! This project helps make information about the lake more accessible! 

There were far too many stories about folks heading out to the lake for recreation like kayaking, wakeboarding, or fishing, only to get out to the lake and realize that the lake conditions were far too unsafe for the activity! That's why the cameras are so important. They offer a way to save time, gas money, and hassle! 

We installed our cameras with the help of RMS Electric at 2 locations on Lesser Slave Lake: at the Sunstone Inn Bed and Breakfast in Joussard, and at a private residence in Widewater! We are super grateful for our partnerships with the Sunstone Inn and or friends in Widewater! Without a place to put the cameras, this project would not be possible. To view the live-feeds, visit our YouTube Page!

On top of our location partners, we also have to support dedicated internet for each camera. Beyond the costs associated with the camera hardware, I mentioned they also need dedicated internet lines to each camera. That's why the LSWC is looking for sponsors to help cover the cost of the camera project. In return, sponsors can expect advertising on the live feeds, in Eyes on Slave Lake posts, and sponsorship shout outs! Our camera feeds have hundreds of views during peak season! We also have various levels of sponsorship available, and are a registered charity! There are so many benefits to sponsoring this project! 

Interested in sponsorship? Contact [email protected] or call 780-523-9800! 

By: Kate Lovsin