Little Green Thumbs

Little Green Thumbs

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Little Green Thumbs is an indoor classroom gardening program created by Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan (AITC SK), and managed by partner organizations like us! Their mission is to “engage, empower and support students with hands-on, cross-curricular, educational experiences by growing gardens in their own learning environments”. AITC SK works with host organizations like the team here at the Lesser Slave Watershed Council (LSWC) to deliver materials, and run the program.

Agriculture for Life brings industry, government and non-profit groups together with farmers and ranchers to focus on programming to build understanding about the importance of agriculture to our communities. Agriculture for Life helps to fund the Little Green Thumbs program in Alberta, reducing costs for host organizations to ensuring no school is left out if they want to be a part of this incredible program.


Little Green Thumbs Grade 4 gardens at High Prairie Elementary School. Freshly transplanted seedlings settling into the garden kits. 

Kids holding soil & compost from a vermicomposting bin in the classroom

  Vermicomposting (composting with worms) is an optional part of the Little Green Thumbs program. Here students are sorting the live worms from the composted soil to add the soil back into the garden!


Child's hands holding a basil plant grown in their classroom garden

  A student from St. Andrews school transplanting one of the seedlings into the big classroom garden. Kids really have no problem getting their hands into the dirt!



Check out the Little Green Thumbs website for more information or if you are interested in becoming a Little Green Thumbs teacher, Click Here to apply. Successful applicants will receive the necessary training for the program and associated equipment prior to starting the program.

Check out this video Little Green Thumbs: Classroom Gardens to learn more about what its all about, or contact our Education & Outreach Coordinator by email at [email protected], or by phone at 780-523-9800.