Lakeshore Resiliency

Lakeshore Property 

Alberta Riparian Web Portal 

The Riparian Web Portal was established by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) to gather together riparian health assessment data from across the province. The goal is to gather together as much data as possible to paint a picture of riparian health in Alberta. Check out these quick resources from the riparian portal:

What is a Riparian Area? 

Lakeshore Owners 

Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program 

The Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program is geared towards funding projects that will increase the watersheds around the province' ability to mitigate harsh weather conditions like drought and flood events. Key goals of the program are to restore and conserve wetlands and riparian areas while also increasing stewardship of the land. The focus of the program is to restore or create natural solutions like willow staking and enhancing wetlands. 

The LSWC has grant funding available to projects that meet the specific goals of the program. 

Living on the Waterfront: Guide to Lakeshore Living 

Living on the Waterfront is a guide designed by Nature Canada to help landowners realize the importance of their actions on waterfront properties. It sets goals and standards that help mark what is healthy waterfront living and what the best practices are when caring for your waterfront property. The guide is available for purchase here, or you can stop by our office for your own copy. 

Alberta Lake Management Society 

The Alberta Lake Management Society is a special interest group that works to help implement the goals and objectives of Alberta's Water for Life Strategy. Their website has resources on flood, drought, climate change, water sources, governance and infrastructure. They have several projects, all focused on water and water quality and are an excellent resource for water related questions! 

Respect Our Lakes

Alberta's Respect Our Lakes program was developed to help inform lake users of the best practices when using our lakes. Check out the various pamphlets or stop by the LSWC office for your copy today! Topics include:

- Agriculture around Alberta lakes

- Blue-green Algae Cyanobacteria

- Responsible Lake Living

- Responsible Lake Recreation

- Roles of key lake organizations in Alberta (infographic)

- Lake legislation in Alberta (infographic)