Educational Programs

Educational Programs               

We are excited to offer a variety of FREE programs for schools and community groups. Depending on the needs of your group programs can be tailored to meet various curriculum objectives, or to be more fun. All our programs are designed to blend traditional teaching styles with hands-on, nature-based  experiential opportunities.   

Call 780-523-9800 or email for more information or to book a program. 

Critters of the Boreal

Watershed Stewardship

Soils, Erosion and Weathering

Our Watershed is located entirely within the Boreal Forest. This presentation focuses on those who call the Forest home. There are versions on this program on mammals, plants, and invertebrates. Explore watersheds, wetlands, and their unique ecology, environments and what we can do to keep them healthy and vibrant. We will focus specifically on the Lesser Slave Watershed. Our soil in the boreal is highly susceptible to erosion. Healthy, thriving wetlands help to slow the processes of erosion and weathering, this program looks at how soil types and other factors affect it.


What happens when I flush?

Water Chemistry

Watershed Wise

Our waste water systems are connected to the natural world much more closely than you may realize. Here we focus on on human impacts on water quality, its downstream effects. Learn about wastewater management, the dangers of flushing medication, and why your fish should never go down the drain. Water is a really special thing, without it life on Earth wouldn't exist! This presentation focuses on learning about the composition of water, and the factors that influence it's quality. Students will be given the opportunity to test the pH, dissolved oxygen and other chemical factors.

Healthy watersheds are essential, the health of a watershed is affected by activities on land.This program helps identify actions you can take to ensure we have a thriving watershed now and long into the future. The Watershed Wise Boards are available to loan out to classes, or to have our Educator come in and give a presentation.


Little Green Thumbs

Caring For Our Watersheds

Lesser Slave Forest Education Society

A classroom gardening program creating dynamic learning opportunities. living laboratories, where students can Learn and apply STEAM (Science- Technology- Engineering- Art-Math) skills to thrive.

This Alberta-wide program promotes scientific inquiry, and environmental awareness. Students are challenged to identify a problem in our watershed, and could win up to $1000 towards a solution.

Our partners at LSFES offer many additional programs at no cost to teachers. Spring and Fall field trips, as well as in class presentations all about the Boreal Forest are available for all grade levels. For more information on what programs they offer check their website: