Education and Outreach

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council strives to educate people of all ages about water, our watershed, and the various things we do that impact water quality, quantity, riparian areas, wetlands and biodiversity. 

The LSWC's Education Coordinator leads many programs and projects annually. We can deliver custom presentations to youth or community groups, stakeholders, local government and others upon request. Our staff can help you find resources and personal contacts depending on the type of information or resource you are seeking. 



Watershed WiseWatershed Wise

In 2015 the LSWC worked with LUK Consulting and Design to create a hands on magnetic watershed model. This education tools helps people realize their impact on the landscape and in turn our water bodies. The magnets show various and use activities. Some are a better practice than others. Users learn about the impacts of their choices on the landscape and learn about best management practices.  In addition to the board and magnets the kit also contains a lesson plan with discussion points for each of the magnetic land uses, making it easy for volunteers or new users. Download Lesson Plan HERE. 

In 2016 the LSWC received a TD Friends of the Environment Foundation grant that allowed us to purchase 5 more Watershed Wise Kits and provide them to 5 local elementary schools in our watershed so that teachers can integrate them into their lesson plans and utilize them. 



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 Watershed Wise is available for purchase from the LSWC. If you are a teacher or environmental educator please get in touch with us about pricing. 






Lesser Slave Forest Education Society Partnership 

LSFES-logo-300x157.pngThe LSFES and the LSWC have been working together since 2008 to deliver high quality environmental programming in our watershed. We offer curriculum based learning for many grades and cover topics such as: fresh water life cycles, wetlands, water quality, snow studies, and more. Classroom presentations are delivered by staff and followed up with interactive day long field trips to local wetlands or lake areas. 
The LSWC and LSFES have partnered to create and deliver a Watersheds 101 Webinar that taught folks all about the different components of a watershed and why a healthy functioning system is important to our well being.