Acreage Owners

Cows and Fish Fact Sheets

Cows and Fish is an Alberta based organization that is focused on the health and well-being of riparian areas. Their goals are to protect riparian areas around the province and bring awareness to the benefits of having a good riparian buffer around waterways and waterbodies. 

Alberta Riparian Web Portal

The Riparian Web Portal was established by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) to gather together riparian health assessment data from across the province. The goal is to gather together as much data as possible to paint a picture of riparian health in Alberta. Check out these quick resources from the riparian portal:

What is a Riparian Area? 

Agricultural Land Owners

Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP)

The Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program is geared towards funding projects that will increase the watersheds around the province' ability to mitigate harsh weather conditions like drought and flood events. Key goals of the program are to restore and conserve wetlands and riparian areas while also increasing stewardship of the land. The focus of the program is to restore or create natural solutions like willow staking and enhancing wetlands. 

The LSWC has grant funding available to projects that meet the specific goals of the program. 

Invasive Species Guides

Invasive Species are a threat to any farming operation. It is important to be in the know when it comes to the species living on your land. You can also download the invasive species reporting app for free to help monitor for invasive species! 

Invasive Weeds

Aquatic Invasive Species 

Assorted Fact Sheets

Invasive Plants in Alberta

Water Act Fact Sheet

Alberta Wetland Policy Implementation

Peace Country Beef & Forage Association Fact Sheets 

The Green Acreages Guide: Primer 

The Green Acreages Guide: Primer is available as a free online resource, and can be found here. If you would prefer a hard copy, the LSWC has copies available. This primer acts as a short introduction to acreage living and realities of living in rural communities. 

In it, you'll find useful information for small acreage owners, including things like: 

- Rural Community Living, Rural Utilities and Services, Waste Management

- Stewardship Tips

- Water Management Tips

- Information on Biodiversity, Weed and Weed Control, Wildlife Habitat, and Managing Animals

- Land and Air Management Tips

The Green Acreages Guide also comes as a full guide, which is not available for free online. If you would like to investigate any of these topics further, the full guide is a good place to start, and is also available at the LSWC office in hard copy binders. 


Working Well Alberta

The Working Well Alberta program works to achieve safe and secure ground water supplies for Albertans. The program's objectives include: 

Awareness: To help water well owners recognize that management of private wells is their responsibility, and to understand the potential impacts of human activities on groundwater.

Knowledge: To help well owners gain a basic understanding of groundwater science, how a water well works, and how a well should be managed.

Practice Change: To help well owners acquire the knowledge and skills to adopt recommended water well management practices.

The program has developed fact sheets on many different topics, which can be found below: 

Ways to Protect Your Well Water and Ground Supply

Water Well Design and Construction

Shock Chlorinating your Well

Plugging your Well

Upgrading your Well in a Pit

Overpumping your Well

Measuring Well Water Levels

Well Owner Responsibilities

Drilling a New Well

Private Sewage Systems

Gas in your Well Water

Taking Water Samples

Maintaining your Cistern

Water Treatment for Well Owners

Protecting your Well From Disasters

Cross Connections and your Well