IWMP Working Draft II

Download Working Draft II of the Lesser Slave Watershed Council's Integrated Watershed Management Plan (PDF)  HERE

Note to Reader: This is the second draft of the Lesser Slave Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) that is intended to support and stimulate discussions with the watershed community. The content is considered preliminary and is subject to change.

We welcome any comments or input you have on the draft and would be happy to meet with you for further discussion.

In particular, we draw your attention to the Recommendations section:
1.    Have all issues been addressed?
2.    Will the recommendations help to achieve the goals?

With regard to the Implementation Strategy:
1.    Are the responsible jurisdictions correct? Should others be included?
2.    Are the implementation actions achievable in the short, medium and/or long-term?
3.    What are the priorities and hence timeline for implementation?

Some areas of the IWMP are still Incomplete:
•    Implementation strategy with links to current legislation and policy, and roles and responsibilities
•    Wetlands and biodiversity sections based on recent information received
•    Map tools to accompany recommendations
•    Formatting and editing

(Cover to be designed, photo to be added.)

Lesser Slave Watershed Council

Palliser Environmental Services Ltd.

February 20, 2017