Watershed Planning

An Integrated Watershed Management Plan will be developed cooperatively by stakeholders such as watershed residents, local industry, interest groups and others. The plan states “shared goals” for the region and it outlines actions needed to reach those goals and manage land, water and related resources on a watershed basis.

Watershed Planning and Advisory Council's in Alberta are tasked with the development of watershed management plans in their respective basins around the province. The LSWC brings together technical experts & professionals with input from public, stakeholders, local governments, First Nations and Métis organizations to develop a plan with mutually agreed upon goals and objectives for our lake and watershed that can be achieved by implementation of the plan's recommendations.  


There are a number of economic, administrative and environmental benefits to developing a watershed management plan including:

  • Helping local boards and councils prioritize limited resources;
  • Giving community members a voice in protecting and restoring watershed resources that are important to them;
  • Providing greater access to resources for project implementation;
  • Targeting activities and programs to areas that need greater protection or to areas where limited resources will be most effective.

A plan can also set a baseline for measuring the success of management efforts and reduce the cost of remedial actions by preventing future problems. Click HERE to see a brochure about the IWMP

There are a number of tasks involved in developing a plan. Land and water related issues in the watershed need to be identified and prioritized, projects or policies must be developed to address the issues, and it must be identified how land and water management programs will be carried out throughout the watershed.

A watershed management plan is considered integrated when:

  • The planning process is inclusive and broad and combines the needs of diverse watershed stakeholders;
  • There is recognition of the balance between ecosystem, community and economic health;
  • The process respects the integration of activities on the land and their impact on water.

The LSWC is committed to facilitating the development of a truly integrated watershed management plan and will build on and draw from the excellent work already completed in other Alberta Watersheds. 


Learn about some of the activities and land uses that take place in the Watershed and how they may impact the watershed. Click the link's to view the fact sheet for each topic: